Dragonflies and Mud!

This week we followed on from the children's interest in dragonflies last week and made some of our own! We still didn't manage to catch a dragonfly though, they're just too quick! 

Lots of Lions also loved using the mud kitchen today, we had a great time! 

Can you spot who is up the tree?
Look at our see-saw!


On Thursday Lions had their first forest school session. We began by talking about our rules and how we stay safe out at forest school. There were so many great ideas! This week we had lots going on! A group of children were building a den together. 

We had lots of super tree climbers! 

We had a very enthusiastic drummer! 
We had some children choose to make natural self portraits and complete a treasure hunt! 

and we had some bug hunters and some delicious recipes being cooked up in the mud kitchen! 

We even caught a butterfly! 

Tigers & Cubs

On Friday Tigers & Cubs had their first forest school session since being back and of course they loved it! We spent some time talking about our new rules and how to stay safe when we were out during forest school. Tigers & Cubs had some great ideas such as listening, taking care of bugs, not throwing sticks and stones, being kind and walking around the fire pit. 
Tigers and cubs were fascinated by bugs this session and spend almost all of it searching for them.. including trying to catch a dragonfly! Unfortunately we weren't successful catching them, they were just too quick, but there is always next time! 

Some of the Tigers & Cubs decided to do a treasure hunt. We searched for things that were certain colours or textures and then gathered them together on our sticky pieces of paper. 

and all of us really enjoyed playing our 1, 2, 3 where are you game! 

Welcome Back

A great big welcome back to all of our families! I hope you have had a wonderful Summer and have enjoyed all the lovely weather! I cannot wait to begin Forest School sessions with the school and spend some much needed time out in our lovely outdoor areas. I am slowly hoping to develop some areas for our forest school sessions including re-doing our pond area and building some shelters for the wetter weather. Check out our new seating area in our little hut and our newly revamped fire pit ready for all the marshmallow toasting!!! 

Keep checking back here for new posts and lots of photos showing what we've been up to! Miss Amis 😃